A Smarter Approach

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A smarter approach to building your website

Smart Design

Incorporates the science behind successful websites.

Not every beautiful layout will grow your business. Some designs actually hurt your site’s ability to engage visitors and get them to act. Our Smart Designs incorporate the science behind successful dental websites. For example:

  • Visitors prefer the ease-of-use of an app-like experience, such as gestures vs. clicking – hence, the “long-scroll” page design, which is easier to navigate on mobile, and big buttons, which are easier to press with fingers. Our homepage and landing pages have proven to significantly improve conversion rates.
  • The entire site and every page is automatically optimized to improve your Google search ranking and increase site traffic.

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Dental Websites featuring Smart Designs

Smart Software

Editing your pages has never been easier.

Smart Software makes it seriously simple for anyone in your office to create pages and manage content.

  • See your edits in realtime as you work directly on a page.
  • Drag-and-drop designing makes it easy to add elements to a page, reposition them and change sizes.
  • Add sophisticated design features and animation using Smart Menus.
  • Create your own color palette and choose from over 600 Google fonts.
  • Clone any page with a click.
  • Build advanced lead-generation forms quickly and easily.
  • Integrate popular programs like Salesforce.com, Constant Contact, MailChimp
Smart Software makes editing pages simple

Smart Tracking

Know everything about each visitor.

Smart Tracking creates a detailed Visitor Profile of every visitor and tracks each visit, so you’ll know in realtime:

  • Who’s viewing your site.
  • When they viewed your site.
  • What they viewed and for how long.
  • How many times they visited.

You can also track who came to your site from which advertising campaigns to determine which ones are paying out. Then you can drill down into each to discover why you’re getting specific results.

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Track every visitor

The software creates a Visitor Profile for everyone who lands on the site. The profile includes details about the visitor and all actions taken during each visit.

Smart Support

Access a Personal Website Expert with a click.

Whether you’re web-savvy or a web-newbie, creating and managing your own website can be intimidating and time-consuming. That’s why you’ll love your Personal Website Expert. Someone who’s there every step of the way to make sure you’re making Smart decisions. No Googling for answers or hunting through support forums. If you have a question, your Expert will have the answer.

Your Personal Website Expert is available while you work on your site within the admin. Just click the icon in the bottom right corner and send an instant message.

Your Personal Website Expert

You can instant message your Personal Website Expert while you work in the Admin.

Smart Technology

Everything just works.

With Smart Technology, everything just works. The software, hosting, maintenance, updates, security, it’s all taken care of for you. And best of all, your site is hosted on the same technical structure as large companies to deliver 99.9% uptime and faster page-load times.

Your website for your business is too important for anything less.

If you’d like your IT department, consultant, or advisor to review the specs, you can send him or her to the Technology Overview page.


Smart Technology

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