Smart Tracking

Know everything about every visitor in realtime.

Visitor Profile

Imagine if you had a sales call tomorrow and the person you’re planning to call was on your website right now. Imagine how helpful it would be to know everything about her visit, seeing what content she’s viewing and for how long – all in real time. That’s what you get with Smart Tracking – creating a detailed Visitor Profile of every visitor for each visit. You can even receive an alert when that very important person lands on your site.

If Google Analytics tells you what’s happening on your site, this tells you who’s doing it.

Smart Tracking Demo

First, click button below to visit an example site to create your Visitor Profile. Click on different pages to create a clickstream – a pathway that shows every action you take on a site.

Second, visit Smart Tracking software to view your Visitor Profile. Click on Spy, then click your IP address to view your Profile.

Track every visitor

The software creates a Visitor Profile for everyone who lands on the site. The profile includes details about the visitor and all actions taken during each visit.

Track pages visited

Every visitor generates a clickstream, which includes page views, downloads, and clicks on outbound links – all available in the Visitor’s Profile.

Track Campaigns

 Determine the source of a lead.

With Smart Tracking, you can accurately track who came to your site from which advertising campaigns. For example, if you’re using Google AdWords and sending out email newsletters, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly which one produced your new lead.

You can also track entire campaigns to see which ones are paying out. Then you can drill down into each to discover why you’re getting specific results.

Track campaigns

Track your advertising efforts to gauge success rates and see who came through which campaigns.

Track Where Visitors Click

Heatmaps show you where visitors are clicking on a page.

Heatmaps let you analyze the behavior of your visitors by showing you where they click on a page. Discover what’s working (where people are clicking) and what’s not working (where people aren’t clicking). This will help you optimize better your landing pages, signup forms, shopping cart.


The spots show where visitors clicked on the page. The larger and brighter the shapes, the higher number of clicks.

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