Give your sales a boost.

Let us deliver qualified sales opportunities every month.

We’ll set up your Sales Booster program, run it, and deliver guaranteed results.

Increase your website traffic from Google


  • We’ll examine the opportunities within your industry and develop a plan to target the right prospects the right way that can bring in more traffic.
  • Then we’ll optimize your web pages for Google to generate maximum traffic. This will include editing your text and code to ensure correct schema usage, titles, meta descriptions, headings, and text.
Increase your traffic from Google

Capture more leads from website traffic

Capture leads


  • We’ll build landing pages and lead generation forms.
  • We’ll recommend best lead-generation offers by determining what content has the highest intrinsic value to visitors who will be willing to provide their contact information.
  • We’ll also introduce other innovative techniques and promotional concepts that encourage anonymous visitors to become leads.

Publish great content


  • We’ll use your sales and marketing material to create content that ranks high in Google and generates leads.
  • You can use this content to update your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • We offer the option to develop original content as well.
Publish great content

Send customized reports & analysis

Customized Reports and Analysis


  • We’ll deliver bi-weekly customized executive reports to show you what’s working and possible opportunities.
  • The reports will also include insights and recommended actions specific to your website, business, and industry.

Provide ongoing education


  • You can attend free monthly seminars featuring case studies, strategies and techniques to learn best approaches to boost your sales.
  • You’ll receive The Executive Whisper weekly report with tips, recommendations, and case studies for growing your sales
Ongoing Education

Real Results. Guaranteed.*

Real Results

While actual results will of course vary by industry and company, you can expect to see real growth in your website traffic and leads.

  • More traffic from Google: It takes time to build the correct foundation for a successful natural search campaign (a.k.a. SEO). But gradually, traffic will increase and remain at the higher levels.
  • More leads: As more of the right kind of traffic lands on your website, leads will naturally increase as well.
  • Better marketing: Once you see what’s working and learn more about effective online marketing, all your marketing efforts will improve and your sales will grow.

Sign up to give your sales a boost.

Here’s how it works:
  • Starts with a conference call to review your website objectives and steps required to achieve them
  • Establish a custom reporting system
  • Determine best approach for capturing leads
  • Develop search/SEO strategies to find best prospects
  • Optimize your site
  • Build landing pages and lead generation forms
  • Create and publish content
  • Send bi-weekly customized reports
  • Provide ongoing education
Investment: $500/month

Requires 6-month commitment

Includes Real Results Guarantee*

Offer available only to current customers of who use our Smart Software and Smart Tracking for their website solution.


Sales Booster Program Signup

* REAL RESULTS GUARANTEE: If you don’t see a minimum 30% increase in traffic and 20% increase in leads within 6 months of beginning the program, we’ll keep working on your business for free until we achieve those results. Guarantee available only to current customers of who use our Smart Software and Smart Tracking for their website solution.