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 A Smarter approach.

Microsite.com: Beauty and The BrainWhen your story is told just right. When all the elements are in all their right places. And when everything just works. Your site becomes more than a simple website. It becomes your best sales person, online, working 24/7 to convert strangers into leads, and leads into sales. It becomes a Smart Website. Turn your site into a Smart website.


Smart Partner

We’re not your website provider, we’re your website partner. You set the goals and a team of experts will design and build your site. Once it’s live, you’ll have a Personal Website expert – available as you update content – to answer questions, make recommendations, and guarantee you’re making Smart decisions.

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Smart Design

Some beautiful designs actually hurt your site’s ability to meet your goals. But you don’t have to worry about those decisions. Our Smart Designs incorporate the science behind successful websites. From font size to button location to search engine optimization, these critical decisions have already been baked into your site’s design from the start.

Smart Software

Updating your website has never been easier, using software built for people who know how to market and sell, not code. Work directly on your pages when editing to see the results in real time. Smart Menus make it simple to add sophisticated design features and animation.

Smart Marketing Tools

Smart marketing tools are introduced almost daily by companies from around the world.  But which ones are right for your business and how can you incorporate your favorites, like Salesforce.com, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and others into your website? This is where your Personal Website Expert can help you make the right decisions and integrate the best solutions into your site.

Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking software follows every individual visitor to your site in real time, so you know:

  • when he/she visited your site
  • where he/she came from
  • which pages he/she viewed
  • how long he/she viewed each page
  • his/her previous visits, including first visit

You can even receive an alert when an important person lands on a web page.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology

With Smart Technology, everything just works. The software, hosting, maintenance, updates, security, it’s all taken care of for you. And best of all, your site is hosted on the same technical structure as large companies to deliver 99.9% uptime and faster page-load times. Your business website is too important for anything less.

Start today and see how Smart your website can be.